current project: Every order = 1 packet of seed planted 

A new project at The Humble Bumble

September 10, 2018

At The Humble Bumble HQ we are always trying to come up with new ideas on how we can help build our community and further our action in helping the bees. 

While  making regular donations to certain organisations is certainly a great way forward, we wanted to take on a project ourselves where we could see the impact of our team and our customers directly. This is when our new project started to take shape in its initial stages....

We all know that bees need our help and one of therm main contributing factors in their declining numbers is their habitat. With the growing need for more and more farm land to grow on, the land left 'wild' with native flowers and grasses becomes less and less. This is where we realised that we can support a direct impact on this very problem. 

The Humble Bumble will plant 1 pack of native wild flowers, and grasses for every order placed with us. The seed mix used has been specifically created to incorporate the flowers and grasses that not only the bees need but also a whole host of other wildlife too. By working with landowners, farmers, gardeners and anyone else who has access to land, we can help to rebuild the ideal habitat that bees need to flourish.

In the years that follow we, as a community, will be able to look at areas we have planted and visibly see and realise the impact we have created in order to secure humble bees future. We will give regular updates on the project to let you know the progress that has been made as well as share photos and videos of what is going on.

Be sure to check out our store as we have some new and exciting products in the pipeline!

and remember... every order is 1 pack of seed planted!

Thank you, The Humble Bumble